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Book Blogger Hop #31 (8/16 - 8/22): Were you a born bookworm?

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Were you a born bookworm, or 
did somebody get you
into the habit of reading?

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My Answer

I was definitely a born bookworm!  I inherited it from my mom, who was a born bookworm herself.  As a young secretary, she would always take a book with her, everywhere she went.  I've always done the same thing, as well.

Mom has a little anecdote about the best way to keep me out of trouble when I was a toddler. 

After she married Dad, she decided she would be a stay-at-home mother.  After I was born, she had to dedicate a lot of time to my care, of course.  As I grew, I began to be quite a handful!  Unfortunately, she had no one to watch me while she did housework.  When I turned two, and she had reached the point where she felt like pulling out all her hair, she hit on a great idea.   She started a daily routine of putting me in a playpen in the living room, with a copy of "Reader's Digest" next to me.  Then she would go do her housework, looking in on me from time to time.  And what did I do in that playpen?  I would sit quietly, slowly turning the pages of the magazine, as I  looked each one over carefully...  Later on, I would fall asleep, the magazine next to me, in perfect condition.

My two sisters -- I am the oldest -- didn't share my love of reading.  While they played with dolls, I would read my comic books, later going on to condensed versions of such books as Tom Sawyer, The Prince and the Pauper, and Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales.

My love of reading and books has only grown stronger with time, too.  I'm a compulsive book buyer and hoarder, and nothing delights me more than going to "Paradise", which is my nickname for the local Barnes & Noble store I try to visit every weekend!

And then, of course, I have this book blog, which I started in September, 2010, and hope to continue for as long as I can, because I greatly enjoy sharing my passion for reading, as well as my love for books as objects, with other enthusiastic bookworms! 

What about you?
Were you a born bookworm, too,
or did someone get you
into the most wonderful
habit in the world?


  1. Love your anecdote. Beautiful. Surely most of us who have book blogs were born readers, although have heard of a few that good hooked later!

    1. Hey, Kathryn!

      I'm glad you enjoyed my little story. Of course, I don't remember this at all. I first heard about it when I was around 12 or so, I think.

      I'm sure most book bloggers were born bookworms. But whether born or not, we ALL love this wonderful habit called "reading"!!

      Thanks for the visit and the comment!! : )

  2. Great post Maria.

    You know, when I was older then you describe yourself above. I spent many hours reading my fathers Readers Digest from cover to cover. I have spoken to a few people who had the same experience. Amazing how that publication had such an influence,

    1. Hey, Brian!

      My parents subscribed to "Reader's Digest" for years, so there were always several issues around the house. And yes, that magazine was very influential!

      I'll never forget the story (in the condensed book section of the magazine) of a little girl named Janis Babson...this was a true story, too. She was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of eight, and died when she was ten....I was around ten or eleven myself when I read about her, and I've never forgotten her.... You know, even though, for the most part, I wasn't big on playing with dolls, I did have a favorite rag doll that I actually named "Janis Babson".

      Thanks so much for visiting, and complimenting my post!! Music to my ears!! : )

  3. I love your story about reading the Reader's Digest!! I was a born bookworm, too --- which I think my Mom always appreciated, although it sometimes meant I would read, instead of doing things like cleaning my room (hey, I found a book under the bed and got distracted.....). :)

    1. Hi, Jo!

      Well, at the age of two, I wasn't really reading. Lol. But I was inspecting each page very carefully, Mom tells me. And I would turn them very carefully, too.

      Years later, I had the very same problem you did! I was supposed to doing some chore, and instead, I would be reading. This happened a lot when I was supposed to straighten out my bookshelves. I'd start dusting and rearranging, find an interesting book I hadn't read yet, and start reading. Of course, I would then forget everything else! Lol. So I cab sympathize!

      Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!! : )

  4. THANKS for sharing your lovely story. I enjoyed it.

    I wasn't born a bookworm....stop by if you like to see my full answer.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

    1. Hey, Elizabeth!

      You're very welcome for the share! I wish I could remember myself at that age, but of course I can't....

      You weren't born a bookworm? Well, I'm really glad you became one! I'll go check out your answer for details.

      Happy Hopping to you, too, and thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  5. What a cute story!
    I love going to bookstores too, even used ones.
    Here's My Answer

    1. Hi, Vicki!

      Glad you enjoyed my little story!

      Oh, bookstores just send me into a state of bliss....ahhhh!! I could stay in a bookstore the entire, freaking day!! And come out with at least three books! Lol.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  6. I need to try this with my daughter. She loves her books, so I wonder what she would do with a magazine!

    My answer to the blog hop.

    1. Hi, Jolene!

      I'm sure she'll love magazines, too. It depends on how old she is. Younger children love to look at all the pictures. However, teens do love manga, so, if she's a teen, she might enjoy magazines.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  7. Hahaha! That's absolutely adorable! I could just imagine a toddler in a playpen, busy reading The Reader's Digest. Your poor mother, by the way...

    Is in it wonderful how our love for reading and books grows over time? I can't imagine how I'll be when I'm old.

    1. Hey, Vonnie!

      Haha indeed! Yes, I must have looked very adorable... : ) But I wasn't reading the magazine -- only looking each page over carefully. I did start reading around the age of 4 or 5.

      Mom says I would drive her crazy. Of course, I don't rembember.... But you know, they don't call it "the terrible twos" for nothing!

      Oh, it's definitely wonderful!! But I can't imagine being old, period. Lol. I suppose I'll be reading right up until I have to go to that big spaceship in the sky....

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )


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