Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shelf Candy Saturday #55: Pegasus and the Flame, by Kate O'Hearn

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This week, I'm showcasing
two slightly different versions of
the same beautiful cover!

(Pegasus #1)
Trade Paperback, 344 pages
Hodder Children's Books
February 1, 2011
Fantasy, Mythology,
Young Adult Fiction

Why do I love these covers?

I've always loved horses, and the myth of Pegasus is one of my favorite fantasy tales!  Winged horses in particular are also my favorite mythological creatures, right along with unicorns.  (Of course, the idea of a winged unicorn is even more wonderful!)

Getting back to these covers...both are absolutely breathtaking, in their own way.  What I love about the first cover is not only the magical horse, with the supernatural glow surrounding him, but also the whole setting.   He's standing on a dock or wharf; there's a suspension bridge behind him.  (I'm using masculine pronouns because I happen to prefer stallions...)  The misty, rainy night creates the perfect atmosphere for this gorgeous, purely white animal, even though the place itself is modern, while the horse harks back to ancient Greek mythology.  This contrast between the modern world and a mythological animal is fascinating!

I also love that the horse is standing in a puddle, which then mirrors the suspension bridge and stormy, gray sky behind him.

Although the font used for this cover is very nice, I do prefer the classical font used on the second cover.  It just fits the theme better.  Also, I love the wings placed around the letter "A" in the name "Pegasus", as well as the fact that the name is larger than the rest of the title, which places emphasis on it.  I also like the lightning bolt streaking through the name.  This is echoed in the lightning bolt stabbing through the horse's right wing. 

On the second cover, the brilliant white glow around the horse is much wider and brighter.  Also, the horse has been enlarged, now taking up most of the cover.  I love the emphasis placed on him, but I do miss the bigger picture on the first cover, which I think places the horse within a context, thus hinting at the plot of this novel. 

I don't yet own this book (I've just ordered it from The Book Depository!), so I have no information on the cover artist, unfortunately.  But whoever this person is, he or she is indeed very talented! 

All of the covers of this series are absolutely gorgeous, and I will be featuring them in future editions of "Shelf Candy Saturday", so stay tuned!!    

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  1. Agreed this is a great cover! The contrast between the mythological and modern is indeed interesting. The Pegasus is majestic, the contemporary background seems to portray bleakness.

  2. This is an awesome cover! Thanks for sharing it Maria :-)


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