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Shelf Candy Saturday #30: Star of the Morning, by Lynn Kurland

This meme/blog hop was originally started by Stephanie @ Five Alarm Book Reviews.  After many excellent and visually exciting posts, she decided to stop hosting it, and asked me if I would be interested in continuing with it.  Of course I enthusiastically agreed to do so! 

The purpose of the meme remains the same -- to display a beautiful book cover that has caught our eye.  We can also include information, if available, about the cover illustrator, designer, and/or photographer.

If you'd like to participate, just write your own post, grab my button (or create your own), and link up in the Linky widget at the bottom of the post.  (Be sure to click on "Read more" first, so that the entire post will open up.)

Here's my choice for this week!

(Nine Kingdoms #1)
Berkley Sensation
December 5, 2006
Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Why do I love this cover?

I have to say it...covers with a predominance of the color blue will always captivate me!  There's just something so very magical and special about this color... This cover has plenty of it in the meticulously detailed, gorgeous landscape behind the intense young woman, who stares so fixedly at the viewer.   Her gown is also blue -- a pastel shade that matches the swirling mists on the right-hand side of the cover.  The upper part of her gown is a rich, dark blue, as well. 

The realistic attention to detail is another feature of this cover that I love!  The light is perfectly done, flowing smoothly over the castle, trees, bushes, and mountains, and every little nook and cranny of the landscape is perfectly captured.  Incredibly, the effect is enchanting, and never overwhelming.   From looking at the style, it seems that the artist has probably studied the works of da Vinci and other Renaissance artists. 

The young woman stands before the viewer, holding a sword in each hand.  Although she is very feminine, she is also strong -- the swords are crossed in front of her, as if blocking the way.  One is a short sword, while the other is a long one.  Obviously, she's not afraid to use them.  Her stare is a defiant one.  This is no wimpy damsel in distress, but a very determined woman who will not take kindly to being ordered about.  She's probably the princess who lives in the distant castle, and might even be the heir to the throne.  If so, it's quite evident that she will fiercely defend her territory!

This beautiful cover promises exciting magical adventures, and a land of wonders in which the reader can easily get lost!  

The font used for the lettering complements the cover perfectly -- the letters are rather classical-looking.  Their sweeping lines echo the swirling movement of the young woman's gown, as well as the mists behind her.

When I checked out the cover art credits,
I found the following information:

Cover art by One by Two
Cover design by George Long
Text design by Kristin del Rosario

I couldn't find any information
about "One by Two".
However, when I looked more closely
at the bottom of the front cover,
I saw, neatly lettered there,
the name "D. Craig".
I then did a Google search, and came up 
with "David Craig".
I visited his website and, although
I didn't see this cover in his portfolio, 
the style of some of the pictures 
I found on the site is similar, so I
think I have the right person.

You can access the artist's website

As for George Long, I was unable
to find anything, unfortunately.
Incredibly, I also could not locate
any information about
Kristin del Rosario, who is credited
as being the "text designer".
I assume this means she designed
the font for the lettering
on the cover.

This is all very frustrating,
but it doesn't take away from the
enjoyment of this amazing cover!

What do you think of my choice?
What beautiful cover(s)
are you featuring this week?


  1. She almost looks like she's waiting for you to attack her or something just so she can move into action. Your covers are always gorgeous and tell a story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Maria,

    I am beginning to look forward each week to the covers that you post!

    I too love the "Blue" them. It also matches your blog!

    I also like your analysis of the picture and the person on it. I would add that I agree that the landscape portrays a beautiful land, bit a land that breeds vigorous and hardy people.

  3. Hi, Lis!

    She certainly looks fierce, doesn't she? Lol.

    Thank you so much for complimenting my cover choices!! I think it's very important for a cover to not only be beautiful, but to tell a story, as well. This combination is what always motivates me to buy and read a book!

    You're very welcome for the share, and thanks for commenting!! : )

  4. Hi, Brian!

    Thank you so much for your compliments!! It's so nice to know that my efforts are being appreciated!!

    The color blue has always been my favorite, so of course it had to be part of my blog design. Although I do like other colors, too, blue will always reign supreme!

    As for my analysis of the pictures, I think it's very important to include that in the post. I don't like to just state "This is a besutiful cover", and leave it at that. I want my readers to know WHY I think the cover is beautiful.

    Would you consider joining this blog hop? I'd love to get your take on beautiful covers!

    Thanks for the comment!! : )

  5. Looks really cool. I love the castle in the background. Really nice!
    Thanks for running Shelf Candy!!

  6. Hi, Kimberly!

    Yes, that castle is AWESOME! Glad you like it!

    And you're very welcome for Shelf Candy!! Although I'm sorry Steph is no longer running it, I'm very happy to be continuing her legacy!

    Thanks for the comment, and for being so sweet!! : )


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