Saturday, July 28, 2012

Death of a Beautiful Dream?

All of my faithful readers may be wondering why I haven't posted anything so far this week.  Indeed, I was planning to post on Wednesday.  The thing is, I've been grieving since Tuesday, when I learned the awful, unbelievable news...that Kristen Stewart had actually cheated on Rob Pattinson...   To say that this was a huge shock would indeed be an understatement.  I simply couldn't take it in.  Of course, I immediately went to the Internet to confirm what I hoped would just be a nasty rumor.  After all, I had heard about this from a co-worker, at my day job.  Perhaps she was wrong...

When I did a Google search, there it was...there were photos to prove that it was all true.  In one of them, Kristen was passionately embracing the director of her new movie, "Snow White and the Huntsman".  His name is Rupert Sanders, and he's married, with two kids.

How ironic that I've been participating in a read-along of a book which deals with an extramarital affair!  

Why, you might ask, have I been feeling depressed?  After all, these people are not related to me in any way.  They're actors.  And isn't this type of behavior typical of "the Hollywood scene"?  Well, to me, as well as to many other die-hard Twilight fans, RPatz and KStew are more than actors.  In fact, they're not even just any Hollywood couple.  They're symbols of the eternal beauty of true love.  They're a beautiful dream.  And that beautiful dream has now been shattered.   My joy at seeing life imitate fiction has now it surely has for many Twilight Saga fans, especially those who are Team Edward. 

I do realize that, in reality, Rob is not Edward Cullen, and Kristen is not Bella Swan.  Yet, somehow, the identities of the real-life actors have fused with the characters they play.  I have to keep telling myself that Edward and Bella will live happily ever after.  It was wonderful that the same seemed to be true of Rob and Kristen, affectionately known as "Robsten" among us Twihards.  It was wonderful because it seemed just too good to be true...

As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Rob has already moved out of the house they both shared.  He refuses to speak with her.  He's feeling hurt, humiliated, and angry.  Yet, he still loves her.  You can't turn off love "just like that".  You're hurt, you're angry.  You know the entire world knows about this.  But you really can't say that you've stopped loving the person who hurt you in such an unexpectedly shocking way.

Reportedly, Kristen desperately wants to win him back.  Will it be possible?  Will she be able to convince him to forgive her?  More to the point, should he forgive her?  Should they both try to bring back the beautiful dream?  Things will never be the same between them, if they do decide to try again.  And yet...there have been cases of people who have tried to overcome an affair, and have been successful in creating an even stronger relationship. 

I don't understand why she did this.  Doesn't she realize what a great guy she had?  Rob was (is) clearly deeply in love with her.  He had even been planning to propose, as I read in one article online!! 

My first feelings were that I desperately wanted them to try to heal their relationship.  However, what she did to him is much too devastating, much too humiliating.  How do you forgive something like this?  Alternatively, perhaps he will forgive her, but not take her back.  I don't know...I have such mixed feelings about one deserves to be treated like this, and especially not HIM!  He's been so sweet to her...but then there's the dream...they looked so perfect together....they were such a charismatic couple...just like Edward and Bella.....

One minute, I want them to get back together -- eventually, of course, because emotions are simply too raw right now.  The next, I think he shouldn't forgive her, and definitely not give her another chance.  I've been in emotional turmoil ever since I found out about this...

I am so sad...I'm also wondering how this will affect the promotion of the last movie, "Breaking Dawn, Part 2"...  I know I will probably not want to see the movie, now that this has happened.   I imagine I will do so, at some time in the future.  Just not when it comes out in November. 

As for Kristen's movie, "Snow White and the Huntsman", I will definitely never see it.  I almost bought the book, as a matter of fact, when I saw it at Barnes & Noble a couple of weeks ago.  I'm so glad I decided to buy another YA novel instead!! 

This brings up the other half of this sordid event -- Rupert Sanders, whose wife, Liberty Ross, ironically plays Kristen's mother in the film.  How could he?  He has a beautiful wife, and two very cute kids.  What more could he want?  What's the lure of the forbidden?

It seems more likely that Liberty and Rupert will be able to heal their own relationship before Rob and Kristen do -- if the latter ever do, that is.  The situation with Liberty and Rupert is different, though.  They're married and have two kids.  Still, if I were Liberty, I don't know if I would forgive Rupert that quickly.  She must have felt just as devastated as Rob when she first saw those horrible pictures...

Of course, there is true love in the world.  I know that.  We have the example of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  There are many other couples throughout the world, I'm sure, who really do love each other deeply, and would never even dream of cheating on each other.  The thing is that there was something so special about this particular couple...  Edward/Rob and Bella/Kristen represent a larger-than-life love. 

Has the dream been shattered forever?  No one really knows, at this point.  If it has, then we fans must move on, as best as we can.  We must realize that things don't always turn out the way we want them to.  We must try to separate the actors from the characters they play (at least I have to do that; perhaps other Twilight fans have always been able to do it). 

It will be very hard for me to move on, though.  I want the dream to be real...I want the magic to last...but it may indeed be gone forever.  Only time will tell. 

I will try to put up the posts I was planning for today.  I have to try.  But I am feeling so sad.... 

Reality has once more reached out and punched me in the face. 

And I am still reeling from this latest blow.


  1. hola Maria! i'm just as surprised to hear, read then see the photos myself. too early to tell what happens next though. pero que triste no?

  2. Hola, Ao!

    Thank you so much for commiserating with me, mi buen amigo!! You don't know how much I appreciate it!!

    I love Robsten!! I don't know why Kristen did this...I really don't understand her actions...

    I was supposed to do my Shelf Candy & Anna Karenina posts today, but I've been so depressed, I haven't been able to do them...Maybe I'll do them tomorrow.

    Thanks again for commenting!! You're one heck of a nice person!!! : )

  3. Sorry to hear how upsetting this is for you Maria. Though this pair are not celebrities that I follow, I understand the disappointment and disillusion that can result when admired public figures do not live up to our expectations. It is odd how we (I include myself) put so much stock in these people's behavior and what it symbolizes. For me the nearest parallel was when one of my artistic musical heros, Pete Townsend was connected with downloaded of children's pornography. An act that is clearly horrendous beyond understanding.

  4. Hi, Brian!

    Oh, you're so sweet!! I greatly appreciate your support!!

    You know, normally I don't follow celebrity gossip, although I was horrified and angry at the cases of infidelity we've seen in the past few years -- Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the case of these two, though, I have felt even more upset, because of the characters they portray. I know I should separate the actor from the character, but, in this case, that's totally impossible...and I know that a lot of fans feel that way. Edward and Bella have a beautiful relationship, although there IS some competition from Jacob, the werewolf. In the end, though, everything turns out well, with Edward and Bella having a daughter, and living happily ever after.

    So Rob and Kristen are iconic. They are more than just "regular people". They are larger than life!

    Another reason this is so upsetting is that it's connected to a series of books. Otherwise, I would never have written a post about it. Of course, this doesn't reflect on Stephenie Meyer at all. The problem is, though, that now fans will connect this sordid affair with The Twilight Sagam, in their minds. I wonder how many Twihards will avoid seeing "Breaking Dawn Part 2" because of this. I know I will!!

    In short, I had these two up on a pedestal. I was looking forward to their eventual marriage...

    Your statement about Peter Townshend is totally SHOCKING. I had no idea! I've just looked it up on Google. In one article I read, he claimed he downloaded child porn because he was working on a project regarding child abuse. Hmmm... I wonder. The article did say that he was cleared of all charges, but he was still required to register as a sex offender.

    Anyway, thanks so much for your support!! : )

  5. Maria, this is what I love about you. You have such a good heart.
    Just a quick note to let you know that I can't find an email for you other than the twi... one. I would love to talk, even via phone if I could figure out how to exchange numbers.

  6. I think the fact that they have to do so much promotion for the last movie will probably play a role in things one way or the other. If they didn't have to do it- then they would have more time apart, to think- and they could try to stay out of the spotlight. I am not sure what will happen with these two- but I enjoyed your post.

  7. Hey, Steph!!

    Aw,'re so sweet....thank you so much!! I'm an EMO girl! No, seriously, I am indeed a very emotional, sensitive person. I cry very easily at movies...and nothing gets the old waterworks going like love stories, whether happy or not.

    These two have been SO very special to me, for such a long time...I was really looking forward to their wedding day, just like in "Breaking Dawn, Part 1"! Of course I bawled during the wedding

    Anyway, to answer your comment about keeping in touch -- just send me an email at the twilightdreamlover address, and include your own email address. We can take it from there! And don't forget your new blog address!!

    Thanks again for leaving such a super nice comment!! : )

  8. Hi, Jess!

    Yeah...we'll see what happens! As I wrote in the post, I have mixed feelings about this terrible event...I just wish I could go into a time warp or something, like maybe an alternate universe, and find out that this never happened! Lol.

    Thank you so much for your compliment!!! : )


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