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Follow My Book Blog Friday Hop #10

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Here's this week's question:

What book that hasn't been
turned into a movie (yet) would you
most like to see make it to the big screen,
and who would you like cast
as your favorite character?

Another great question this week!!  There are quite a few books I'd like to see turned into movies!!  Here are the ones that first come to mind...

Lisa Tawn Bergren

This YA trilogy is full
of adventure and romance!
Two sisters go back in time to medieval Italy,
and become involved in the ongoing battles
between the cities of Florence and Siena.
In the process, they also meet the young men
who will steal their hearts!

I don't know enough actors to propose a lead,
though...all I can say is that I would
hope that Marcello is as hot as he's described to be
in the books!!

Amy Plum

This novel is very sweetly romantic,
and it takes place in the most romantic city
of all...Paris!
It tells the story of two sisters as well,
but they have been orphaned,
and are seeking to remake their lives.
The protagonist meets a mysterious young man
who turns out to be a 'revenant',
giving his life over and over again to save others.

I can't help but think of Robert Pattinson in
the role of Vincent, the hero...

Meg Cabot

This mesmerizing story takes place
on an island patterned after Key West,
known as "Isla Huesos", which means "Island of Bones"
in English.
It's a very imaginative retellilng of the
myth of Persephone, and
details the near-death experience of a young girl
who meets the ruler of the Underworld.
He falls in love with her and wants her
to live with him forever...

I can't imagine who could play the role of this
ruler, but again, he would have to be
hotness personified...

Amy @ Amy's Book Den has suggested
Aaron Johnson from "Kick Ass" to portray John,
the ruler of the Underworld!

I think he's a great choice!!  Thanks, Amy!!

What wonderful novels would you like to see made into movies?


  1. I love Meg Cabot! Definitely need to check out Die for Me.

  2. Sash and Em:

    Thanks! It sounds like you guys have read this book. It's WONDERFUL, isn't it? Thanks for following, too! I'm going to follow back!! : )


    Yes, Meg Cabot is awesome!! I LOVED "Abandon"!!! By the way, I have a signed copy -- I met her in person at a book presentation/signing here in Miami!!!

    Thanks for the comment!! L )

  3. Oooh! Great choices. I've heard good things about the River Of Time series. :) Hopping through! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Follow Friday!

  4. Nice choices here thanks for stopping by.

    Old Follower

  5. Hi, Jessica!

    Thank you!! Yes, the River of Time series is absolutely AWESOME!! It would certainly make a great movie!

    You're very welcome, too, and thanks for visiting back!! : )

  6. Hi, aparajita!

    Thanks, and you're welcome for my visit! Thanks for visiting back! Yes, I LOVE all of these books, and I know they would be just wonderful up on the big screen, especially since they all deal with romance....sigh...

  7. Hey Maria! Thanks for stopping by :)
    I have The River of Time trilogy on my buy-as-soon-as-i-can list of books. I 've been reading a lot of great reviews, and even followed the blog tour that's going around.

    Die for Me would be a great movie! I completely fell in love with the story and the setting and all the sexy men! lol I think Vincent needs to have an european model look, so Pattinson wouldn't be my first pick.

    Abandon too I loved. I see Aaron Johnson (the guy from Kick Ass) playing the role of John/Hades. Just look at that hair and the attitude ♥

  8. Thanks for following me, I'm following you back. I agree, these books look like they would be good movies

  9. Hi, Amy!

    Yeah, you really MUST read this series! When you do, you'll see that it would DEFINITELY be perfect for the silver screen! I want each of the books to be a movie!!

    I guess you're right about Robert Pattinson being cast as Vincent in "Die For Me". He doesn't look 'French' enough. But, since he was SOOOO sweet and romantic in the "Twilight" movies, he was the first one that came to mind...sigh.... I might just have to think of someone else...hmmmmm....

    Wasn't "Abandon" just GREAT? I'll go take a look at this guy you've mentioned!!

    Thanks for the TERRIFIC comments!! : )

  10. Hi, Lex!

    You're very welcome for the follow, and thanks for following me back!!

    If you haven't read these books, do so! You'll LOVE them!

    Thanks for the comment, too!! : )

  11. Amy:

    Just got a look at Aaron. He's GREAT-looking!! Thanks for the pic!! I'm putting it in the post!! : )


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