Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday #7: Heaven's Shadow

This is a weekly book meme, hosted 
by Jill @ Breaking the Spine,
which features future releases that 
we book bloggers
are eagerly anticipating!

My pick for this week is Heaven's Shadow,
by David S. Goyer and Michael Casutt

David S. Goyer & Michael Casutt
Hardcover, 416 pages
Published by Ace
Expected Release Date: July 5, 2011
Genre: Science Fiction

From the Amazon Synopsis

Three years ago, an object one hundred miles across was spotted on a trajectory for Earth's sun. Now, its journey is almost over. As it approaches, two competing manned vehicles race through almost half a million kilometers of space to reach it first. But when they both arrive on the entity, they learn that it has been sent toward Earth for a reason. An intelligent race is desperately attempting to communicate with our primitive species. And the message is: Help us.

This certainly sounds intriguing!
I also think it has a definite Star Trek influence,
and that's enough to get me interested,
since I love the series (the original one, that is)
as much as I love The Twilight Saga!!

Besides, I haven't read any terrific SF
in quite a while.
I've been too busy with YA paranormal romance!

So, this would be a nice change of pace.
Now, just when I'll be able to read it is
another matter entirely...
But it will look nice at the top of
my astronomical TBR pile!

So what book are you waiting on this Wednesday?


  1. This seems like a great read! Thanks for sharing. I'd love if you'd check out my IMM too :)

    Btw, I'm loving the blog. I'm not sure if we're fellow followers, but I follow you!

    Looking forward to hearing back from you,
    Cory @ Anti-Drug Reads

  2. Nice pick - reminds of some classic sci-fi like Arthur C. Clarke or Gregory Benford. I'll definitely be checking this one out.

    I cheated and went with a double WOW this.

  3. Hi, Cory!

    Sure I'll check out your IMM! And yes, I'm following you, too!

    Thanks for the comment! I thought this looked very intriguing. I've been concentrating on YA paranormal romance, which is soooo nice to read! But I do enjoy SF as well, and this is, after all, an eclectic blog.

    C ya! : )

  4. Sounds awesome. I'm getting ready to read Stardust ;)

  5. Hi, Sally!

    Yes, you're right -- this book does remind me of those authors. I would go with Clarke, especially.

    I'll go take a look at your WOW. And hey, it's okay to "cheat"! It's YOUR WOW, after all! Lol.

    Thanks for the comment! : )

  6. Hi, Elisabeth! Hmmm...I'm not familiar with that one, so guess I'll head over to good ol' Amazon to investigate...

    Thanks for the comment! : )

  7. Interesting. I'm gonna check it out.

  8. Hi, JML! Yeah, it sure is! And it'll be out next week, too!

    Thanks for commenting! : )


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