Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday #5: Soul Thief, by Jana Oliver

This is a weekly book meme, hosted 
by Jill @ Breaking the Spine,
which features future releases that 
we book bloggers
are eagerly anticipating!

My pick for this week is Soul Thief,
by Jana Oliver. 

This is the sequel to The Demon Trapper's Daughter,
which I have yet to read,
but which is definitely up there on my TBR pile!

There are so many promising books to get to!!
Thanks to other blogs, I've heard
of these two books, looked them up on Amazon,
and just made up my mind that they
must be mine!!

Soul Thief
Trade Paperback, 320 pages
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
Expected Release Date:  August 30, 2011
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy


There has been a harrowing battle 
at the Tabernacle,
and Riley's boyfriend, Simon, 
has been seriously injured.
Furthermore, many trappers are dead,
and an evil necromancer has taken her 
father's body from its resting place,
in order to turn it into his slave for a year...

As Atlanta's demon population grows,
Demon Hunters are dispatched from
the Vatican itself...
and a Grade 5 demon is stalking Riley.

Hmmm.....this could be a problematic series for me.
I don't like anything related to horror,
and demons are heavy-duty denizens of Hell,
after all.

And yet....
if the good guys (or gals!) win, that's what 
matters the most to me, really.

So I'm thinking that these books
might be fascinating reads!

I never have liked wimpy heroines,
and especially not in YA fiction!!

What book are you waiting on this Wednesday?


  1. I haven't read the first book of this series either. I definitely need to get on that!

    I just saw the widget for TORRENT in your sidebar and I had to follow. SO much love for The River of Time series. :D

    Stephanie @ Poetry to Prose

  2. I'm still yet to read the first in this series! I prefer these US covers to the UK/Au ones we get here in Australia!!! Will hopefully get around to it soon!

    Check out my WOW this week!

  3. I can’t wait for this one! I though book 1 showed loads of promise for a really exciting series.

  4. This one looks good..

    My WoW pick,

    Have a nice week :)

  5. I've bought the first book and I'm sooo excited to read it. I haven't found time for it yet though. Love the cover for the sequel! Great WoW pick :)

    My WoW is here.

  6. I haven't read this series yet but I am hoping to start it soon! Great pick

    Ange @ the Moonlight Reader

    My WoW:

  7. I liked the first book, though I didn't *love* it. It's a fun read, and there isn't too much horror at all. Hope you enjoy it! :)

    Here's my WoW

  8. This series is fabulous! I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Demon Trapper's Daughter a while back and I simply couldn't put it down. I wouldn't consider this series to be in the "horror" genre. It's more of an Urban Fantasy/PNR. Oliver is a wonderful writer and I can't wait to read this one.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

    This Week’s Waiting on Wednesday: Dead Rules

  9. Intriguing cover, enjoy!

  10. I really really have to read the first one it's been on my tbr pile since it came out.

  11. I haven't read the first book yet either, but I really want to read this series it sounds sooo good! Great pick!

  12. I haven't read the first one yet, it's on my wishlist. Good pick by the way.

  13. WOW!! This is the first time I get so many comments on a W.O.W. post! (Pun intended, of course! Lol.) Looks like this is a very promising series!

    Stephenie: Yeah, I think I'll go ahead and order the first one by the end of the week! Also, the River of Time series is indeed awesome! Just got the second book, "Cascade" from Amazon today!! Thanks for the comment & the follow!! : )

    Brittany: I agree -- these covers are very nice. I haven't seen the ones from the UK or AU, though. I'd love to compare them with the US covers. Thanks for commenting!! : )

    Christie: Ohhhh, thanks for letting me know your opinion of the first book! As I told Steph, I think I'll have to get it by the end of this week! Thanks for the comment!! : )

  14. Sharon: Yes, it does look good! Gotta go hurry up and read the first one before this one comes out! You have a nice week, too, and thanks for commenting!! : )

    Kaity: I'm glad you liked my WOW pick. Thanks for commenting & following!! : )

    Ange: Happy you liked my pick! Thanks for commenting!! : )

  15. I own the first one, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Good choice though!

    Here’s my WOW!

  16. Kat: Well, I have just ordered the first book. Thanks for your opinion on it, and reassuring my fears about any horror content! Thanks for the visit, as well!!

    Carissa: Hey, there! Thanks for your reassurance, too! I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy the book, as well as all of its future sequels. And you're welcome for the share!
    Thanks for commenting!!

    Mama: Hey, thanks for the comment! I think I really will enjoy the book!

  17. Sally: Thanks for stopping by & commenting!

    Melissa: Thanks for the compliment! From the unanimous reaction, I see I've struck YA gold! Lol.

    Maria & Celesta: Thanks for your compliments and for dropping by to comment!!

  18. HI there, thanks for visiting Fangs Wands and Fairy Dust. Great new space. And I love the background.
    THe Demon Trapper series is great. I met Jana at BEA and said how I had cried so hard reading the first book. And she said uh oh, wait til the next one.
    But, it is a complex story line with interesting characters. And the world is a mess.
    I don't do "horror" either and this was one of my favorite reads.

    Ciao Steph Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  19. Hi, Steph! You're very welcome! And thanks for complimenting my blog!

    You lucky girl! Not only did you get to go to BEA, but you met the author of this series!! (turning a slight shade of green...) How fabulous is that?

    If the first book makes one cry, I know I'll love it! And now I have three people telling me that this series is not in the horror genre, so I'm feeling relieved.

    Thanks for visiting back and commenting!! : )


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