Monday, December 27, 2010

My Book Collection: Partial Views!

Since I'm still on vacation from one of my two jobs ( the part-time ), I have some free time available at night!  So tonight I started doing some blog browsing.  I checked out Hale & Salvatore's Supernatural Must Reads, and saw a post on bookshelves.  The pictured shelves are truly awesome!!  I especially like the one that encloses a reader in a cozy, little space in which books fully surround a comfortable chair!  It's Bookworm Heaven!!  The other bookshelf looks like it could be aboard the Starship "Enterprise".  It's cool, too, but I do prefer the cozy one.  It comes pretty close to my ideal living conditions.  Books all around me!  Ah, bliss!  I'm reminded of the Jorge Luis Borges quote: "I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books."  Oh, absolutely!!  Borges, for those not familiar with him, was a great Argentine writer and Nobel Prize winner.  (For more Borges quotes, click here.)   I've been meaning to start reading his books, but another quote goes: "So many books, so little time..."  That one comes from Frank Zappa, incredibly enough!  (For more FZ quotes, click here.)

You can check out Hale & Salvatore's favorite shelves here.  A link to Hale's personal bookshelf can also be found on that page.

Now here's a look at part of my own shelves.

These books are in our bedroom.  The first picture shows part of two shelves that take up one wall, from floor to ceiling.  The second one shows stacks of books on the dresser, and the third shows more stacks on the night table right next to my side of the bed. 

It's more than obvious that I'm seriously addicted to books.... I've been collecting for years and years!  I buy them mostly online now, but I still buy at good ol' Barnes & Noble from time to time, as well as Borders.  I've gotten a LOT of used books at both eBay and Amazon; however, if I buy a used book, it had better be in "like new" condition!  Otherwise, I'll return it.

Here's a partial list of the books on the shelves.  I'm hoping and praying I'll be able to get to all of them, or at least most of them, someday!

Here we have the following:

1.  Creativity - Eric Maisel
2.  Silence, Simplicity, and Solitude - David A. Cooper
3.  Diamond Heart, Book Three - A.H. Almaas
4.  The Complete Works of W.H. Auden: Prose - W.H. Auden
5.  The Kabbalah Tree - Rachel Pollack
6.  The Hidden Face of God - Gerald L. Schroeder

This group consists of the following:

7.  The Republic and Other Works - Plato
8.  Dialogues: Cratylus, Phaedo, Timaeus, Critias - Plato, with commentary by Thomas Taylor 
9.  The Wisdom of The Enneagram - Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson
8.  Christmas In My Heart - Joe Wheeler
9.  Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Anonymous

Well....I have to be honest here.  This is not one of my bookshelves; I got this picture from Goodreads.  I do have some of these books, though; it's just that they're not all in one place.  The ones I don't yet have, I intend to acquire, with the possible exception of the Anne Rice book pictured here.  Of course, I did want to show off my paranormals!  They are as follows:

10.  City of Bones - Cassandra Clare (owned)
11.  Dead In The Family - Charlaine Harris  (wish list)
12.  Spirit Bound - Richelle Mead  (wish list)
13.  Tempted - P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast (wish list)
14.  Evernight - Claudia Gray (wish list) 
15.  Twilight - Stephenie Meyer (happily owned!!)
16.  Night World, Vol. 1 - L.J. Smith (omnibus edition, owned)
17.  Vampire Diaries, Vol. 1 - L.J. Smith (omnibus edition, owned)
18.  Queen of The Damned - Anne Rice (maybe wish list)

All right, so I don't own all of them.  They all look so nice together, I decided to post the picture! 

I'm a very eclectic reader.  Most of the ones shown in the closeups are non-fiction.  I'm glad I photographed them, even if the pics look darker here than they do on my cell phone, because this will serve as a reminder that I do have these very fascinating books that I really need to sink my teeth into!  (I suppose the pun is intended.)

By the way, there is one writer whose books I will never read or buy: Stephen King.  There are some others, like H.P. Lovecraft, for instance, whom I also refuse to read or collect.  Any writer in the hard-core horror genre (I do not consider books like those in The Twilight Saga part of this genre) is a writer that will not make money from me!  



  1. hi Maria! your bookshelves and stacks remind me of my own. i'm surrounded by my books as well and i did see that awesome bookshelf when it was first posted. i would love to have one custom made for me but for now i can only dream about it. lol. thanks for sharing the photos of your collection. have a good one! c",)

  2. Wow, that is some collection. How do you find anything? I think you need to build or designate a room in your house to be a library, lol. That is my hope/dream in my house, lol.


  3. Hi, ao!

    Yeah, isn't that a FABULOUS bookshelf/reading nook? I LOVE your dream of having bookshelves custom-made for you! That's my dream as well.

    You're welcome for the photos! We bookworms enjoy sharing pics of our colections, don't we?

    Thanks for commenting, and you have a good one, as well! : )

  4. Hi, J-9!

    Yeah, good question! How do I find anything? The answer is -- I don't! Lol. Sometimes I go a little crazy looking for a particular book...

    The problem is that I can't seem to stop buying books. I have now made a New Year's resolution to do just that, because things have gotten to the point where I'm stashing them away in every nook and cranny I can find in my closets! And my closets are NOT the walk-in type, either.

    There are SO many books I want to read! Sigh...

    If you ever go to, you'll see how many bookshelves I have there. And I don't own most of those books.... I have around 32 wish lists on Amazon; each one is for a different topic. Lol.

    Do you think there's any hope for me?

    Thanks for commenting!


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