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Book Blogger Hop No. 150: Book Subscription Boxes

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This Week's Question

Do you subscribe to any book
subscription boxes?

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My Answer

I've heard about these things, but, at the moment, I'm not subscribing to any. Not that I wouldn't LOVE to, of course! Lol. I think that most of us bookworms would be ECSTATIC to receive one of these boxes every month! Heck, it would be like CHRISTMAS every single month!! LOL.

Sadly, I just have WAY too many unread books sitting on my, I'm running out of shelf space! So, it really wouldn't make any sense for me to subscribe to these things, much as I would totally LOVE to! 

However..... a bookworm can dream, right? Sigh...... So I'd like to give a short list of book subscription boxes I would DEFINITELY want to subscribe to, if I knew I would be reading the books for sure (and could afford the monthly price.....) Okay, I must confess to being sorely tempted right now.....just biting my nails here!!! LOL.

If you think you might be interested in any of these, just click on the green-colored names I'm providing below!

1.) Owl Crate: This one is strictly for Young Adult Fiction. So, if you love YA as much as I do, you might decide to subscribe to this one! It ain't cheap, costs $29.99 a month, plus shipping. Multiply that by 12 

The name for this box comes straight from the Harry Potter series, which is a HUGE plus for HP fans! 

Each month has a fun, creative theme, and includes a brand new YA novel, plus several bookish items, as well as other things gifted by the author of the novel included in the box. Sounds AWESOME! (Again, if you can afford it....)

2.) BookCase.Club: This one sounds AWESOME, too!! I might be tempted to join! It's only $9.99 a month, plus shipping, and they have different categories. Here they are: Kids' Book Case, Teenage Dreams Case (this is obviously for YA fans), Thrill Seeker Case, Strange Worlds Case (for fantasy & SF fans), Blind Date Case (for paranormal romance fans), and Booking for Love Case (for regular romance fans). Hmmm.....maybe I'll give myself a Christmas present.....

3.) Book of the Month: I think this is one of the oldest ones around. No frills, though. You get one or perhaps two books a month. It's only $9.99 a month, plus shipping. The one downside that I can see is that the books chosen each month might not be books I would particularly want to read. But, for those totally eclectic souls out there, this one might very well be a nice choice.

4.) Coffee and a Classic: Another temptation.....sigh.... This one is $28.99 a month, plus shipping. You will always get a classic book, of course. In addition to that, you will get "Something to Sip On", two bookish items, and a bookmark. You get your choice of beverage to sip on, too -- coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The Standard box also includes a snack and a mug. There's a choice of book genres, too -- Classic Literature, Children's Classics, and Classic Nonfiction. 

5.) Once Upon a Book Club: This one is $34.99 a month, plus shipping, and has two categories -- YA books, and adult novels. Each box includes a book, 3 to 5 wrapped gifts, a 5 x 7 quote print, and read-along discussion questions. Oh, all that sounds so FREAKING AWESOME...... Lol.

6.) Literary Dream Crate: This is a REALLY unusual one! They send out PRE-OWNED BOOKS. This might give anyone pause, but they pledge to not send you books that are damaged in any way. This one costs $9.99 a month, plus shipping. Hmmmm....I'm Subscribers get to pick from several genres, and each box includes a book, plus one or two additional goodies. Hmmm...... 

There are, of course, LOTS of book subscription box websites out there. This type of thing has become quite popular in recent years. I'm really ECSTATIC about this, too, because it means that the printed book is DEFINITELY NOT extinct!! YAAAAAAY!!! Take THAT, e-books!!!! There's NO way that downloading any e-book could possibly compare with unboxing one of these subscription book boxes!!!! NO. FREAKING. WAY. Oh, the anticipation!! Oh, the breathless anxiety!! And then, when the box is open.....the JOY!!!! Picking up that book that can be held in one's hands, and flipping through the pages!!! TOTAL BLISS!!!!!

So these are the book subscription boxes I'm attracted to.... I would LOVE to be a FREAKING BILLIONAIRE, so I could subscribe to them all!!! Sigh.....

I'm also including the link below, for my own reference, as well as for you guys. If I can't actually subscribe to any of these boxes, I can at least drop by and wistfully check them out. And so can all of you guys! Who knows? I might end up subscribing to one of the cheap ones, after all! And so might you!! Lol.

If you feel VERY tempted by any of the subscription boxes listed at the link below, I'd like to give you one word of caution: check to see where they ship to. Some of these book club services ship ONLY within the U.S. Others ship ONLY within some other, specific country. And others ship worldwide. So, if you decide to subscribe to one of these, double-check to see if they ship to YOUR location! Hope you ENJOY!!!  :)  

Here's the link: 

Cratejoy: Book Subscription Boxes


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  1. Coffee and a Classic sounds like a great subscription box. Money is really tight for me right now, especially with Christmas just around the corner, so I'm going to join right now.

    1. Hi, Billy!

      Oh, I LOVE ALL of the boxes I listed, and would be SO HAPPY to subscribe to them ALL.... Sigh....

      But yeah, "Coffee and a Classic" sounds AWESOME!! I can see why you love it, too -- they include coffee in the box! Lol.

      Yeah, Christmas is just around the corner....this is the time of year that money does tend to get tight! I'm thinking of indulging in one of the $9.99/month boxes, though! The thing is that I would cancel it right after December! LOL.

      Thanks for commenting!! <3 :)

  2. Book clubs sound interesting. But as you mention, there are so many books to read as it is. If books did not take so much time these might be workable for me. I did not know that Book of the month club was still going. I took a quick look at the titles. They look like good selections.

    1. Hi, Brian!

      Yeah.....that's the whole problem.... Reading does take quite a bit of time, especially for us slow readers.... and there are SO many GREAT books out there, as well as sitting on our shelves! Lol. But I tell you, I'm being sorely tempted right now.... Just the thought of receiving one of these boxes, if only for ONE month (December) gets me all feeling SO GREAT!!! :) :)

      I can't believe that Book Of The Month is still around, either! I thought surely that had disappeared! I used to belong to this club years ago.

      I also used to belong to the SF Book Club, around the same time I was a member of Book Of The Month. The SFBC was SO AWESOME!! I got some really GREAT titles back then! (And yes, most of them are sitting on my shelves, or are in storage, unread.....)

      The SFBC is still around, as well. Here's the link, in case you're interested in taking a look:

      The difference between these older book clubs and the subscription boxes is that they only send you books, without the extra goodies. That's fine by me, although I wouldn't mind getting a bunch of bookmarks along with my books! Lol.

      Thanks for the great comment!! Hope you're having a nice Sunday!! <3 :)

  3. I don't subscribe. With all the books I buy or already have, it will be a while before I need books to just get them randomly like a subscription.

    1. Hi, Freda!

      Yeah, I think that's a problem most of us bookworms have, lol. We need to read the books already on our shelves, but we keep buying more....and these boxes are such an AWESOME temptation! Lol.

      Thanks for commenting!! <3 :)

  4. BOTM is AMAZING! I love that you can choose the book or skip a month if there aren't any picks you like. I highly recommend it! :)

    1. Hi, Erica!

      Yes, it SURE is!! I used to belong to it myself, several years ago.

      I agree with you about the fact that you can skip a month if you don't like a given month's selections. And it's not all that expensive, either.

      I would LOVE to subscribe to one of these boxes -- one of the more reasonably-priced ones -- just for the month of December, and then cancel. LOL. I wonder if I would be able to restrain myself after that, though.... LOL. LOL. LOL.

      Thanks for commenting!! <3 :)

  5. Wow...another FABULOUS post.

    Thanks for the list of subscription boxes even though I don't and won't subscribe for the same reasons you don't. No room and too pricey.

    Question: Is the book you get a surprise? If so, I would definitely not subscribe to one of these. :) I want to ask for what I like, not a surprise that I wouldn't read. :)

    Thanks, Maria.

    1. Hi, Elizabeth!

      Thank you SO much for the compliment!! You're so sweet!! <3 <3 <3

      You're very welcome for the list of boxes! You might not want to subscribe at this point in time, but who knows, maybe at some later time, you will. Lol.

      These subscription services do vary in that regard. Some of them do send a "surprise". I would not subscribe to one of those, either. I prefer to know exactly which book I'm getting. If I receive a book I don't like, I'll be wasting my money. So I totally agree with you there!

      You're very welcome! And thanks to you for another lovely comment!! HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

  6. I love the sound of these, too - but given I have far too many unread books, like you - and they are for deeper pockets than mine, sadly... Thank you for the lowdown on the various options, though:)). And I wouldn't like surprise books, either. I'm rather picky about what I read. Have a good weekend, Maria:)

    1. Hi, Sarah!

      Yeah....most of us bookworms are in the same boat! We have TOO many unread books, and not enough money! LOL. But these boxes do look tempting, don't they? :) :)

      I totally agree with you, as I did with Elizabeth above, regarding surprise books. What if we got a book we didn't like? It would be a waste of money, since most of these subscription services don't accept returns. I'm VERY picky about what I read, too! Lol.

      Yeah, I'm having a good weekend! In fact, it's really a GREAT weekend! That's because I don't work tomorrow, lol. Veteran's Day is being celebrated here in the States tomorrow!! YAAAAAY!!! The actual date for Veteran's Day is November 11th, but they (the government, I guess) transferred it to tomorrow, so people could get the day off. :) :) Since I teach at a public school, I have the day off. (I won't be paid for it, though, because I only work part-time....but I welcome the time off, anyway!)

      Thanks for the nice comment!! HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)


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