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Book Blogger Hop No. 41: Are audio books the future?

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Do you believe audio books are the
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My Answer

Absolutely not! But this question surprises me. I thought the fate of printed books was being threatened by e-books, not audio books. This must be something I just haven't been aware of before. So I must confess to feeling shocked, or at least, caught off guard, by this question.

In my mind, the printed format has always been the BEST format for a book. Many bookworms feel that this is the best format, too, and have cited all the reasons we know by now -- there's just that "special something" about holding a printed book in one's hands, printed books have that certain "book smell", and other reasons. I agree with all of them. I might read an e-book from time to time, but, if I LOVE a book I've just read on my Android phone, I will definitely want to own the physical copy! 

As for audio books, I think they're great to listen to AFTER I've read the printed version of a book, and liked it SO much, I must savor the audio version, as well. This happened when I had read The Twilight Saga for the second time. I really wanted to savor the story, so I bought the CDs of all four books. I used to listen to  them during my morning drive to work, as well as during my afternoon drive back home. 

I will ALWAYS read the printed version of a book first, if there is one. If there isn't, then I'll look up its e-book version. Then, and only then, will I consider listening to the audio version.  

As for audio books being the future, I don't think either this format or the e-book format will ever make printed books obsolete. After all, printed books need no charging or batteries!  Lol.

Sometimes it can be more convenient to listen to an audio book, or read an e-book. But neither of these formats is as special and wonderful as the printed format, in my opinion. I think there will always be people who feel as I do. So, I believe that we readers will simply have the three options in the future, and we can just choose among them, or perhaps even enjoy all three! In fact, I have at least one book in all three formats -- "Twilight", the first book of my beloved Twilight Saga!

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  1. I agree about needing no batteries and a bad narrator ruins an audio book.
    Sportochick’s Musings Answer

    1. Hi, Teri!

      Oh, I forgot to mention bad narrators! You're right -- those can definitely ruin an audio book!

      Thanks for commenting!! :)

  2. Great post as usual Maria.

    I tend to agree that audiobooks make for great rereads. Due to the importance of comprehending the text, depending on the complexity of the book, they can sometimes otherwise fall short.

    On the other hand I have heard that Charles Dickens stated that he believed that his books were best listened to. That raises the question if his works might be better on audiobook. I do find Victorian literature such as Dickens and Jane Austen do work better then other certain other books. I think it is because the language is easier and they just sound really good when read aloud.

    Though I think that we agree that they have their place, I do not think that there is any chance that audiobooks will replace traditional books.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Thanks for the kind words! :)

      I'm glad you agree that audio books are better for re-reads. I just think that my first encounter with a book should be through the printed word, or an e-book, depending on the subject matter. (In other words, if I'm not hugely interested in a book, and I can get it cheap, I'll buy the e-book.)

      That's an interesting thing Dickens said about his books. And I think the reason classics work better in audio format is that these writers were masters of the sound of the English language. English is a very beautiful language, and its sounds, when read aloud, roll sonorously off the tongue. But modern prose is not always so musical, so listening to a contemporary book might not result in the same type of experience as that of listening to a classic.

      As you know, when we humans began to tell stories, they were delivered in oral form, and were handed down from generation to generation. It was only much later in human history that stories were written down.

      I've heard of some people trying to keep alive the old tradition of telling stories around a campfire. And I do believe that another old tradition, that of getting together a group of people, while each takes turns reading aloud from a book, is great! This is what people used to do in the days before books became available in audio format.

      Yes, I do think that all three formats have their place. Of course, you know that for me, printed books reign supreme!

      Thanks for the thought-provoking comment!! :)

  3. I think all 3 formats of reading have their place in the world and I don't think any will kill the others off completely any time soon. Especially not audiobooks which aren't nearly as common or accessible... interesting idea though and well written response :)
    Enchanted by YA

    1. Hi, Anna!

      I agree -- I think there's a place for all three formats in our world. My preferred format will always be the printed word. People are free to choose, though.

      Thanks so much for your kind words, and for visiting!! : )

  4. Wonderful answer.

    I like print the best too. Always my first love.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

    1. Hi, Elizabeth!

      Thanks for the compliment! :)

      Yes, printed books are definitely THE BEST!!

      Happy Hopping to you, too! Thanks for commenting back!! :)

  5. While I prefer physical print books, I recently have been only doing ebooks simply due to lack of space for books ;~; and how heavy carrying two extra books in my work bag becomes since I'm spending all day outdoors with it. Audiobooks, however, can never seem to get into with me.

    My Blog Hop

    1. Hi, Lulu!

      I can relate to that, as I'm running out of space for printed books...... And yes, they can be heavy to carry, especially if you put more than one in your bag. They do look GREAT on bookshelves, though! Lol.

      I'm not much into audio books, either. The only ones I have are the ones for The Twilight Saga, and the first Harry Potter book. They can take up space, too, unless you get them from an online source. But they really grab my attention much.

      I do think that printed books will NEVER disappear! People do love them the most, I believe. I know I do!!

      Thanks for commenting back!! :)

  6. I enjoy audiobooks now and then. I don't often use them for re-reads, but ocassionaly I do. I'm very picky about the audiobooks I do listen to because it's so hard for me to get into one--and stick to it. I much prefer the written word.

    1. Hi, Wendy!

      I haven't listened to an audio book in quite a while now. I really can't get into one, either -- unless I've already read the book, preferably in printed format. I much prefer the printed word, too! And it seems to me that most readers do as well.

      Happy Reading!! Thanks for commenting!! :)

  7. I agree 100%, Maria! My go to choice will always be print.

    1. Hi, LuAnn!

      Glad you agree! Printed books RULE!! YAY!!!

      Thanks so much for commenting back!! :)

  8. I totally agree with you - in everything you said. I also was surprised with this question. I know many ppl "read" audiobooks lately, but I will never be one of those ppl who read audiobooks exclusively.
    I get distracted, fall asleep most of the time and it is just not working for me. I tried.
    Some I did enjoy and heard most of them (Looking for Alaska, We Were Liars) but nothing can make me feel the story like I do when I actually read it.
    And yes for phisical format. I tend to buy ebooks if they are cheaper (and because I'm a person who likes to get rid of books after finishing them) but if I like the book very, very much I will buy it in phisical form.
    I still hoard books, don't get me wrong, I have many of them, but still if I know I'll never reread it I'll give it away.

    1. Hi, Irena!

      Yes, audio books are definitely not my favorite way to absorb a book's contents. I much prefer printed books.

      You give books away after you finish with them? Well, I can do that if I totally HATED the book. But if I LOVED it, even though I might not read it again, I can't let go of it! Lol. And I'm a HUGE book hoarder!! My shelves are crammed full of treasures!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! :)


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