Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 TBR Pile Reading Challenge!!

This is it -- my most important New Year's Resolution!!

I need to get at least SOME of the
books in my TBR read this year, for sure!
So I've decided to join Evie's 
2016 TBR Pile Reading Challenge!!

This event will run from Jan. 1st 
through Dec. 31st, 2016
You can find this challenge by going to
Evie's blog, Bookish Lifestyle!
Check the challenge guidelines and be
sure to sign up!

There's also a TBR Pile Book Club.
You can get all the deets at the link above!

There are different levels of participation.
 Here's mine:

A Friendly Hug
11 - 20 books

Of course, if it turns out that I can do more, then 
I'll switch to the next level -- First Kiss!

Here are some of the books I'll be reading!

Click on each cover to access
the Goodreads or Amazon page.

I will be posting these reviews throughout the year, 
so be on the lookout for them!



  1. Hi Maria.

    It seems like a never ending battle against these TBRs :)

    I surrendered a few years ago and now I read whatever I want. I generally buy or borrow a book shortly before I am ready to read it. This does mean that there are books on my bookshelf that I will likely never get to.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Yeah, I know it's a never-ending battle....sigh...

      On many occasions, I have indeed read whatever I wanted to read at the moment. This happens to me a lot with nonfiction books. Whatever has piqued my interest, or whatever has touched my emotions, is what I will often read.

      It's so sad to think that there are books sitting on our shelves that we will never get to.... In my case, I also have books in storage that I will probably never get to. Oh, and then there's Goodreads, Shelfari, and Amazon....

      Well, I do want to make a commitment to get to the books mentioned in this post, as I am very much interested in them! Hmmmm.....maybe I should also participate with my other blog.....

      Yes, it's a never-ending battle!! Lol.

      Thanks for the nice comment!! : )

  2. Good luck on this challenge. I really want to start The Falling Kingdom series this year as well and am excited to hear your thoughts. I finished the Vampire Academy series years ago, but never got started on the spin-off. I really did enjoy them when I read them and hope you love them too.

    1. Hi, Barb!

      This will be spread out over a year, so I think I can do it. I've only read the first two books of the Vampire Academy series, and do want to finish it!

      Of course, I also want to get to the other books I listed here. It's great that you want to read the Falling Kingdom series, as well! We can definitely compare notes!

      Thanks for the great comment!! : )


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