Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Finds #2: June 26

Welcome to Friday Finds!!

This meme is hosted by Jenn @ A Daily Rhythm, and features books added to our TBR lists. The books don't necessarily have to be purchased. Nor do they have to be recent releases, either.

If you'd like to participate, just go over to Jenn's blog for the rules!

Here's my list for this week!

I already have the first book in this series, Hemlock,
on my Goodreads TBR, so I went ahead and 
added this one. Next I will be adding
book 3, Willowgrove!

I find this book to be very unique and fascinating! Yes, it's about angels, but the author seems
to have her own take on the subject.
And the cover is SO GORGEOUS!!

I never get tired of reading about 
The Twilight Saga!
There are several great books out there
that analyze the series, and this
one looks GREAT!!

Well, first of all, this cover is STUNNING.
I not only love its beautiful design, but
I'm also very anxious to dive into this plot!
And that title clinches the deal!

Here's another BEAUTIFUL cover! It's a 
Steampunk novel, too, which is, of course, 
a HUGE plus! I've been wanting
to read one of those!

I know some people will think I'm  looney tunes 
with this But heck, this is not
any crazier than reading about vamps
and werewolves. Ever since Star Trek
and ET, I've been fascinated by 
this topic!

Here's another Steampunk goodie, with another STUNNING cover!! And yes, folks, the 
female hero is definitely kick-butt!  Plus
I like her fashionista outfit!

Speaking of strong female heroes, this cover
speaks for itself! That dragon had better
watch out! I need to know what 
happens in this one!

What books have you added 
to your TBR list?
Leave your link in the 
comments, and I'll 
go check out your finds!


  1. Lady of Devices is a book I already have in ebook form... I have yet to read it as I have sooooo many books to read in my ever growing 'to be read' pile. I have only started reading steampunk books in the last year or so. I'm still not sure I like the genre or not.

    Here are my Friday Finds for this week:

  2. Hi, Lisa!

    I like the Steampunk genre because it combines two other genres I love -- science fiction and historical fiction!

    Thanks for commenting!! I'll go check out your finds!! 😃


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