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Blog Tour Spotlight/Guest Blog: Help Me Move On, by Angie Hemmings

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Help Me Move On
(The Southern Ties Series, #1)
Angie Hemmings
Trade Paperback, 248 pages
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
December 8, 2014
Contemporary Romance


Ally Dunn is a small town girl with big dreams planning a wedding that would never happen. Ally’s life revolved around being Eric’s wife…until she watched his best friend Isaiah step off that plane, his arm in a sling and Eric's casket behind him. Her grief consumed her, their last conversation not one filled with love but an argument over her favorite flower. He knew her favorite flower, he was just busy…fighting for his country. Isaiah made a promise to Eric, he would keep Ally safe even if that meant saving her from herself. Isaiah takes Ally away when her grief becomes too much but their return brings about something she never expected.  

When Ally meets Colton Walker she knows her life will never be the same. She never planned to move on from Eric, the mere idea of moving on would send her into a panic. How do you move on from the man you loved, the man who shared your dreams, who made your heart feel whole? But Colton doesn’t push her, he doesn’t pressure her, he gives her everything she ever needed and he does it effortlessly.

Falling in love with Colton was like taking her next breath; she didn’t have to think about because it came naturally…only a cloud hangs over Ally. Isaiah trains her in Krav Maga, Eric trained her in gunfire. Colton sees all of this, asking the one question she can’t answer, why? Why would a woman who lives in such a small town need to know such aggressive self-defense? Isaiah vows to keep her safe, going so far as to track her every move…but why?  

Surviving Eric’s death almost killed Ally, the hole in her heart never truly healed until Colton. Falling in love with Colton was easy, fighting for her life when everything she thought she knew was wrong…that was a completely different story.


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Guest Blog: Character Bio of 
Colton Walker

Hey...so my name is Angie Hemmings and I’m the author of Help Me Move On.  I’ve spent a year of my life working on this book and I’m super excited to finally release this.  Today we’re taking a closer look at one of the characters, Colton Walker.

Who is Colton Walker?

I loved coming up with Colton Walker because he’s this cool, laid back guy.  He isn’t dramatic and he doesn’t care about what kind of car he drives or what name brand he’s wearing.  He drives an old pickup and he goes hunting every year.  A country boy at heart, Colton runs the fire department in Pilot Mountain.

I want to say there’s some great mystery to Colton, but there really isn’t.  He wakes up and goes to work every single day and that’s it.  Except he just so happens to save lives.  Climbing into a window and carrying someone out of a  burning inferno is just another day at work for Colton.

The first time Colton meets Ally she doesn’t even see him.  He watches her from a distance at first, the rain falling around them as Ally grieves the loss of her fiancè.  When Colton helps her grandmother to the car his heart breaks for the woman sitting under that canopy.  When her grandmother asks him to bring her granddaughter to her he realizes his life will never be the same.  Looking down at this broken woman, the rain soaking her body and her sobs wrecking havoc on her body he realizes his life will never be the same.

Only she leaves.

He knows she isn't ready, he knows that she needs time, and he knows that with time and patience he'll get what he wants...and he wants Ally.

The day Ally comes home  from Uganda, Colton is there, a favor for her grandmother leading them to their second meeting, and the night of her homecoming party he realizes she'll need his help.  Ally can't move on, she's stuck living in the past, and she's punishing herself for something that won't accomplish anything.  He makes it his mission to help Ally, and help he does.

And one of my favorite scenes in this book...


Anyone from the South knows about mudboggin, and Colton is the perfect Southern boy.  He opens doors for ladies one minute, and the next he's driving a truck full of people through a mudbog.  It's at the mudbog that Colton is able to finally get Ally alone for the first time, and it's at the mudbog when he takes his first step to helping her move past the mistakes she's made.

Slow and steady wins the race, right...

Earning the love of a woman trapped in the past is no easy task, but Colton is a patient man who knows how to get what he wants, and when the love of his life is threatened, he'll stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Another feature to Colton that I absolutely love...his strength.

At her weakest moment, it isn't Isaiah who comforts Ally, and when everything goes all to hell, it's Colton who's there for Ally...Colton who picks up the pieces of her shattered heart...and Colton who helps her move on.

At the end of the day, I want a leading man who is exactly that -- all man.  It doesn't mean I'm weak or dependent on him, it means I want a man, not a little boy who can't give me what I need.  I've dated the weak little boys before, the ones that can't even tie their own shoes without someone telling them to do it, and believe me, that's not my idea of fun.  Maybe that's why I've chosen to always want the strong alpha male type of leading man. Who wants a pansy for a boyfriend?  I married an alpha male type, so of course I'm going to lean towards those types of men, and believe me, when you marry an alpha male, the type of man who no one will mess with...and that's true of a TRUE alpha male...then you'll understand my fascination with these types of men.

The real question is, what would be your idea of the perfect leading man? 


Angie Hemmings is a self-proclaimed romance addict.  Her love for romance began at an early age, but after years of reading romance novels she found herself wanting more, which led to her first novel.  She's originally from Mount Airy, a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and she loves the art behind creating a new story.  Getting lost in the romance, the struggle between her characters is what makes Angie Hemmings continue her work and writing is what she loves. 

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  1. This book sounds so lovely, and Colton and Ally sound like very likable characters -- we'll have to add this one to the TBR! Awesome post! <3

    ~ Michele & Mckenzie @ A Belle's Tales

  2. Hi, Michele!

    Yes, it does sound lovely, doesn't it? I couldn't resist downloading the free Kindle copy onto my Android phone! Can you believe that? Me, who hates e-books? Lol. But I really like the plot and characters. Glad you do, too!!

    Thank you so much for such a sweet comment!!! <3 : )


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