Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop: Nov. 15th - Nov. 30th, 2014!!

Welcome to the 5th annual
Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop,
which is hosted by
Kathy @ I Am A Reader!!

This giveaway hop is a very 
special one, since its
purpose is to thank 
blog followers!!
To enter, all you need to do
 is to follow
A Night's Dream of Books
through whichever option 
you prefer!!
That means you can follow
through GFC, Linky Followers,
Twitter, Google +,  or Bloglovin'!!
(I am no longer active on Facebook.)

For my giveaway this year,
ONE lucky U.S. winner will receive
BRAND NEW hardcovers of
BOTH of the following 
YA bestsellers!!

Just fill out the super simple 
Rafflecopter form below!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Be sure to check out the rest
of the giveaways on
these participating blogs!!!



  1. Ohh, sounds like a great giveaway, and thank you for sharing! :)

    And thank you for the comment on my blog! I really appreciate it and I find it soooo sweet that you actually tweeted my review post!! :) :) :) Thank you sooo muchhhh for that, it actually made my night!

    There was a documentary called "She Stole My Voice" it's about woman on woman crime ex. rape. It was explicit in detail and sad to watch, and women raping other women is rare and it does happen.

    1. Hi, Benish!

      I'm glad you like my giveaway!! If you live in the U.S., you can enter, but if not, don't worry, I will have more international giveaways in the future!! : )

      You're very welcome for the comment on your blog! And I was very happy to tweet your review, since I thought it was GREAT!! So glad that made your night!! : )

      So women raping other women does happen? WOW. How could a woman do that to one of her sisters?! How very sad.....

      Thank you so much for such a TERRIFIC comment!! : )

  2. Perfect to add to the YA Collection in my community college library.

    1. Hi, Catherine! I agree! Well, good luck, and thanks for participating!! : )

  3. Replies

    1. Hi, J.!

      Yes, I did! Hope you did, too!!

      Thanks for commenting!! : )


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