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Shelf Candy Saturday #125: Cephrael's Hand, by Melissa McPhail


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Here's my choice for this week!

Cephrael's Hand 
(A Pattern of Shadow and Light, #1)
Kindle Edition, 654 pages
Outskirts Press, Inc.
September 22, 2010

Why do I love this cover?

This has to be one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen! When I first encountered it, I was instantly drawn in by its totally magical imagery -- the ethereal, night landscape, the flowing, pulsating strands of light the magician is shaping between his hands, the colors...... 

The entire cover seems to be shot through with light, which flows through the different colors. In fact, the whole theme is one of light, an ethereal, yet vibrant light, that, true to the subtitle, forms patterns, together with shadow.

One very unique aspect of this image is that it's a three-tiered one. However, each tier is seamlessly connected to the one beneath. Interestingly, the magician himself is part of the first tier, yet, his cloak frames and is part of the second tier. The soft edges of the second and third tiers melt beautifully into each other. The wispy threads of the second tier  are forming a circular shape, which is a contrast to the geometric, stylized pattern in the third tier. The total effect is one of unity and harmony, as the three tiers play with the viewer in an almost musical way that creates a visual masterpiece, thus calling out to the viewer and potential reader. 

The feeling of dynamic power in this image is really almost overwhelming, but in a very pleasant way. The skeins of light are a reference to the instant of creation, in which patterns are molded and played with, until at last they coalesce into manifestation.

All this dynamism contrasts beautifully with the silence of the castle, and the mysterious quality of the night, in the top tier.

The font used for the title and subtitle is classically Roman, with an added flair to some of the letters.

What else can I say but that I am absolutely enchanted with this cover? As a passionate bibliophile, my one little disappointment is that this cover is not the portal for a printed book.....  I would hope that, sometime in the future, the author will decide to use it on one of the printed editions -- perhaps the paperback. I would so love to hold a book graced by this gorgeous cover in my hands!

The highly talented creator of all this beauty is Alisha, a graphic designer with the studio of Damon Za, also a graphic designer from Cape Town, South Africa. He has his own website,, and specializes in book cover design.

As she says in her comment below,
Melissa will indeed be
re-releasing the paperback and
hardcover editions of 
this book with the NEW cover!!!!
I'm ecstatic!!!

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  1. I agree with everything that you have to say about this one. You seemed to have covered this one so comprehensively.

    That castle looks to be a place that I would love to explore!

    Have a great weekend Maria!

    1. Hey, Brian!

      This is just one AMAZING cover!! I appreciate the fact that you concur!

      I, too, would love to explore that castle. I would also love to wield magic like the one shown on the cover!

      Hope you have a great weekend, too!! Thanks for the super nice comment!! : )

  2. That star design at the bottom is amazing. It looks like a mixture of Celtic knot work and tribal. It really is a beautiful cover Maria, good choice!

    1. Hi, Rose!

      I totally agree with you about the star design. And it really is AMAZING!!

      As I said in this post, this cover is one of the most beautiful that I've ever seen!!

      Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment!! : )

    2. P.S. Oh, I see that you're now following me! Thank you!! I'm going to follow you right back!! : )

  3. Really pretty cover, Maria, I agree :) Great find!

    1. Hey, Kara!

      Yes, isn't it? Glad you like it, too! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!! : )

  4. Love that cover! I am so the person that will buy a book based entirely on the cover and I have a feeling I will own this one lol! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, Crystal!

      Isn't it absolutely GORGEOUS? I was so thrilled when I first saw it!! And I' just like you -- I will buy a book based on the cover! That doesn't always work for me, but still....

      You're very welcome for the share! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! : )

  5. I'm so pleased that you like my cover, Maria, and what a wonderful analysis you made of it! Working with Damon's artist, Alisha, we tried to incorporate a number of themes from the story, but I think you found even more layers of meaning than we even intended.

    I'm so honored by your interest and appreciation. I'm also happy to say that Cephrael's Hand will be re-released this winter with the updated cover for both the paperback and hardback editions.

    1. Hi, Melissa!

      Oh, I ADORE this cover!! Thanks for the compliment!! I greatly enjoy analyzing beautiful book covers!

      I really should have credited Alisha. I didn't realize she had created this cover! I thought it was Damon..... My apologies!! I will alter the text at once.

      You're going to re-release the paperback and hardcover editions with this new, GORGEOUS cover?! WOWZA!!!!!! Oh, I'm getting the paperback for sure!!!! (However, I'll keep the paperback I have now, as well, because YOU signed it!!)

      Thank you SO much for stopping by and leaving such a GREAT comment!! : )


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