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About the Book

Erasing: Shadows
(Erasing #1)
K.D. Rose
Trade Paperback, 166 pages
Breathless Press, January 8, 2014
New Adult Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Book Synopsis:   What if to save the ones you love, you had to unlock the key to a different reality?

Generations of mystery smash together when a seemingly traditional family must shatter their illusions of normality to confront themselves and their friends, leaving no possibility unexplored in order to rescue—well, who exactly? Watch the Ross family, the High Five Gang, and multiple generations dig into an innovative explosion of imagination where they must confront numerous realities, real-world danger, and worst of all—their own teenage hormones!

In a place where nothing is as it seems and shocks are around every corner, even the people you thought you knew may find themselves strangers in this moving and provocative reality-bender. With breathless pacing and psychological intrigue, Erasing: Shadows and the High Five Gang will keep you guessing until the very end.

Guest Post: Character Interviews

Thank you for having me on your blog today!  I have something exciting planned!  I've gathered two of the main characters together from Erasing:Shadows, and both have agreed to let me interview them.  So here we go!

Interview with Mira Ross

First, I have Mira, one of the main characters in Erasing:Shadows, and we’ll attempt an interview without showing any spoilers. What is all this “traveling” business in the book about anyway? What does it mean? Readers want to know!

KD Rose: “Is that okay with you, Mira?”

Mira: "I'm game!"

KD Rose: “Great! So, you are actually the star of Erasing: Shadows. How does that make you feel?”

Mira: “Well, I wouldn’t really call myself the star. My husband Michael and our close friends and family really deserve most of the credit for everything that worked out well.”

KD Rose: “What about the things that didn’t turn out well?”

Mira: “I’d rather not discuss those.”

KD Rose: “Okay.  Switching gears— many of our readers had questions about ‘traveling’ and ending up in another reality. They wanted to know more in depth how it actually works. You were a child prodigy at ‘traveling’, correct?”

Mira: “Yes, I started traveling when I was around four years old. It just came natural to me. It was only later, when I was older, that I learned that not everyone does this and that for some it can be really difficult to even try.”

KD Rose: “Right. So Mira, what do you do to actually travel?”

Mira: :::blushes::: “There are actually several ways to travel. I learned about other ways as an adult. The way I used as a child is not the only way.”

KD Rose: “Tell us about the way you used when you started as a child. That is the way you’re most familiar with, isn’t it?”

Mira: “Yes, although now that I am married, my husband and I often travel together. But it can be done alone as well. You basically either get into a position that works for you to meditate, or you position yourself as if you are going to sleep. Either way works.”

KD Rose: “And then what?”

Mira: “If it comes naturally to you, it will just happen, but if you have to learn it, then you are forced to learn the different states of consciousness that your brain goes through from awake, to full sleep. I’m sure you know about the different brain waves and REM sleep. The body goes through these phases during the process of falling asleep.”

KD Rose: “Mira, are you telling me you just go to sleep?”

Mira: ::laughs::  No, not at all. I’m just trying to say that to learn traveling you have to become familiar with each of the stages of brain activity that occurs before—call it meditation or sleep, whatever you want, and then you have to be able to control your own activity to the point that you can pull yourself out during any of the phases, should you want to.  I have to say, learning it is very hard. I was lucky, because I was a natural.

KD Rose: “I don’t know if I would call it lucky. You went through a lot in Erasing: Shadows didn’t you?”

Mira: Yes, but I wouldn’t blame any of that on traveling. If anything, traveling has enhanced my growth as an individual. You would see that if you read the book.

KD Rose: “Thank you, Mira. That’s all the time we have today, but perhaps we can speak again about your techniques for traveling in the future.”

Mira: “I would like that. And thank you for having me.”

Interview with Stu

For my second interview I have Stu from Erasing: Shadows. Take it away Stu!

Stu: “Hi. Thanks for having me.”

KD Rose: “Stu, I have to say, you are even better looking in person than in your picture.”

Stu: ::blushes::: Where did you see a picture of me?

KD Rose:

Stu: “Holy crap. I’m on a website? Geez.”

KD Rose: “For those of you who don’t know, girls, Stu is currently 19 years old and single.”

Stu: “Hey! You sound like you’re pimping me out. Besides I don’t have time for girls. I’m too busy studying.”

KD Rose: “And exactly what do you study, Stu? You’re not in school.”

Stu: “Oh, you know. This and that.

KD Rose: “I did my research. What Stu won’t say is that he has been studying intensely for years and has mad skillz when it comes to ‘traveling’, the astral, and other realities.”

Stu:  ::glares::  “That’s supposed to be a secret.”

KD Rose: “Well, you wouldn’t think so, the way you go gallivanting around in Erasing: Shadows.”

Stu: “No comment.”

KD Rose: Ok, let’s move on. There are rumors of hard feelings between you and Michael Ross. What is the deal with that?”

Stu: “Really? I think he’s just got a pole up his arse. He needs to relax more.”

KD Rose: “But Stu—readers want to know. Why is there such a problem between you and Michael?

Stu: “He holds grudges. He still blames me for something I did at age 12, even though he already raked me over the coals for it when I was sixteen, and that was in front of the whole group, too.”

KD Rose: “The whole group being….?”

Stu: “The High Five Gang. Before I was in it.”

KD Rose: “Shhhhh! Spoilers.”

Stu: “Well, you asked.”

KD Rose: “So tell me, Stu, what is this about an attraction going on between you and Michael’s daughter?

Stu: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

KD Rose: “Oh really? She’s an awfully pretty girl. And just about your age too.”

Stu: “No comment.”

KD Rose: “I’m going to wrap this up. Maybe we can speak again, Stu, on a day when you want to be a little more forthcoming.”

Stu: “We’ll see.”

KD Rose: “And you wonder why you have the reputation of being difficult?”

Stu: “Got to go. Important work to do.”

KD Rose: :::mutters::::: I *am* the author::::::::should get a little respect from characters:::::::

 About the Author

K.D. Rose is an author and poet, and currently has Heavy Bags of Soul, Inside Sorrow, and I AM (Poetry in Motion) on sale at  Look for The Erasing Series, Book 1 -- Erasing: Shadows for Lycaon Press, available on all publishing platforms. Erasing: Shadows is the first of a seven-book series for New Adults in the Paranormal genre.

"K.D. Rose's writing will set your neurons on fire." – Tophat Raven Art and Literary Magazine

K.D. Rose is now also an author with Lycaon Press.  For more adult-themed books, her alter ego, H.K. Sterling, is an author for Breathless Press.  K.D. also continues to write poetry, and recently created a new literary and art magazine with five other authors around the globe.  K.D.'s poetry has been featured in a number of magazines online.

K.D. has an eclectic mind and loves language, physics, philosophy, photography, design, art, writing, symbolism, semiotics, spirituality, and Dr. Who.  K.D. is an avid supporter of music, the arts, cutting-edge science, technology, and creativity in all forms that encourage us to expand and explore past the artificial limits we often set for ourselves in order to see the everyday connections that exist among all things.

Join K. D. Rose on the following social media sites:

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