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Shelf Candy Saturday #103: Heaven Sent, by E. Van Lowe

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 This week, I'm showcasing
two slightly different covers for 
the same book!

The above is the new, just released cover!

Heaven Sent
(Falling Angels Saga, #3)
Trade Paperback, 212 pages
White Whisker Books
First Edition
February 20, 2013
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy,
Young Adult Fiction

 Why do I love these covers?

The basic reason is, of course, all the blue!   That blue background is so very beautiful!!  It's more intense in the second cover, which is the original one.  The new cover has toned down the blue just a little bit, but it's still beautiful enough for me to love it!

Although I do have a slight preference for the blue background in the original cover, the new one is much better because of the new font used for the title.  The letters are classically Roman in style, but the flourishes added to the word "sent" -- especially the letter "s" -- make the title look absolutely gorgeous!  The word "sent" is also edged in blue, which not only emphasizes it, but adds to its visual appeal.

The couple looks great on both covers.  They both stare out at the viewer, presenting a united front.  The way they're posed is just perfect, as well.  They seem to be sitting on a motorcycle; in fact, another motorcycle is visible in the background; it's more noticeable on the second cover.  In fact, more details are visible on the new cover -- again, because the lighting is slightly different.  

The young male model is especially attractive!  Such a penetrating gaze....  The slightly brighter new cover has made his features more visible as well, and this is a definite plus!

Another obvious improvement presented by the new cover is the much greater prominence given to the author's name.  I'm sure Van Lowe must be very pleased with that!

I like that the young girl seems to be reaching for what appears to be a rose, which is placed right next to the young man's wrist.  The rose is nicely contrasted with the very prominent spikes on the wristband he's wearing.

The very talented designer of these superb covers is Jayde Pedler, also known as Adara Rosalie and jayderosalie.  The images are from, and the artist has digitally manipulated them.

Jayde is a self-taught, young Australian artist whose work is much in demand for book and CD covers.  She has just produced the cover for the fourth and final book in the Falling Angels Saga, titled Falling.  If you missed my recent post about this cover, you can check it out HERE.

Adara Rosalie

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