Friday, November 25, 2011

Follow My Book Blog Friday Hop #13

Happy Follow Friday!!

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This week's question is:

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.
so we want to know what
you are thankful for –
blogging related of course!
Who has helped you out along the way?
What books are you thankful for reading?

This is not only an interesting question, but a spiritual one, as well.  To begin with, I'm very thankful for this topic, because it gives me an opportunity to pause and reflect, and we all need to do that from time to time.

Well, when it comes to blogging, the very first thing I'm thankful for is the fact of blogging itself!  However, I'd have to go further than that -- I'm thankful for the very existence of the Internet.  Without it, there would be no such thing as blogging, no social networking at all, no place to share my love of books on a worldwide basis.  So...yay for the Internet!!! 

I'm also very thankful for the Blogger platform, which is the one I use.  Barring occasional glitches, it has worked out very well for me!   Also, it has the GFC widget, which I think makes networking with other bloggers so much easier.  It also allows one to keep better track of one's followers.  This is especially useful for those who are definitely not computer geeks, like me.

I'm very grateful to Rachel at Parajunkee, and Alison at Alison Can Read, for hosting this fantabulous blog hop!  Without it, many of us wouldn't get a chance to meet each other!! 

Of course, I also have to mention some very special friends in the blogosphere.  These are supportive people who have delighted me with their wonderful, very interesting comments, as well as their pleasant personalities!  Their blogs are just as terrific as they are!  Here's a list, and I sure hope I haven't excluded anybody!  (My apologies to anyone I might have missed.  Do leave a comment, and I'll include you at once!)

Giselle @ Xpresso Reads

Thanks to this blog hop, I have just met
two more wonderful bloggers!


Amanda @ Book Love 101!!!!

I am also very, very grateful for my love of reading!!  Without that, I wouldn't be blogging about books in the first place!  My passion for reading is something I was simply born with.  No one else in my family loves books as much as I do -- not even my Mom, who used to carry a book around with her everywhere she went, when she was younger.  But she's not an obsessive book buyer.  Me?  Well...if Amazon and eBay were to give out awards for the customers who purchase the most books, I'm sure I'd win first prize!  Bookstore salespeople know me very well, too.  When I call one bookstore located a mere block from my job in downtown Miami, I say, "This is Book Addict!  I'm looking for this particular book...."  (Of course, they know my real name, too.  Lol.)

I am especially thankful for the following much-beloved books!  They have not only provided me with many hours of pure reading delight, but they have completely transported me from this boring reality I have to live in...

Charlotte Bronte

J.R.R. Tolkien

Stephenie Meyer

J.K. Rowling

Charles Dickens

Tom and Sharon Curtis

Elswyth Thane

Robert A. Heinlein

Daphne Du Maurier

Thomas Hardy

Ray Bradbury

Gee, I guess I'm truly blessed!
What are you all thankful for?


  1. Hurray for internet and the book blogging world! Aww thanks for the shout out ^__^ Have a great weekend!

  2. YAY!!! Yes, thanks to the Internet, we can all blog about our greatest passion -- BOOKS!!!!!

    You're more than welcome for "the shout out"! You richly deserve to be mentioned, since you're one of the nicest bloggers I know, and have a truly FANTASTIC blog!!

    Thanks for the WONDERFUL comment!! : )

  3. hola Maria! what a very pleasant surprise! thank you very much for the shoutout. i am honored to be a part of your list.

    i hope your Thanksgiving was great. c",)

    muchas gracias otra vez!

  4. Awesome list of bloggers you've got there! New follower here!

    Here's my follow friday:

    Have a great day! : )

  5. uh forgot to add me haha! j/k of course . Anyway, hi Maria! wow I would have never guessed you were catholic , that's great! yes gfc is good but a long time ago we used to use the navbar at the top to surf and there was a timer on it and the more you visited other blogs the more visits you would get , I think that was the idea. Anyway even if you don't have the gfc follower widget you can still follow the person who has the navbar but unfortunately too many blogs like to get rid of it, like I just did lol. It's nice to have met you too! Peace .

  6. I wanted to snag that pretty wreath at the top of your blog when I first visited your site :)

  7. Hi, Ao!!!

    You're very welcome!! You certainly deserve to be mentioned on my list, since you've been a very, very good and supportive friend!! And I'm honored that you feel honored by being included!!

    Yes, I had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Thanks for asking!!

    Thanks for the wonderful comment, as well!! LOTS OF HUGS TO YOU!!!!! : )

  8. Hi, Amanda (Book Love 101)!

    Well, thank you so much for becoming a follower, as well as for complimenting my list of special blogging friends!

    I'll be going over to your blog to check out your FF post!! Thanks again!! : )

  9. Oh I forgot the Bronte sisters but I love them too...although in most ways I think I prefer Wuthering Heights to Jane Eyre.

    But since you listed Jane Eyre--have you read the modern adaptation called "Jane."


  10. Hey, Jackie!

    Thanks so much for commenting and following back!! It's nice to have met you, too, and don't worry -- I'm adding you as of right now!

    Although I've never mentiond it here, I am indeed a Catholic, although I've had some contact with Protestantism, as well. We're all Christians, though! I've been meaning to include non-fiction books on this blog for a while now. Theology is certainly one of the genres I intend to review.

    Interesting what you say about the Navbar...I had no idea it could be used that way. I do prefer the GFC -- it's so nice to see all those little faces there, as well as the follower does give me a boost!

    Peace to you, as well, plus hugs!!! : )

  11. Hi, Shanan!

    Oh, I do prefer "Jane Eyre" myself. But Emily's a powerful writer, I must admit!

    I haven't heard of this modern adaptation. I'll be going back to your blog and asking you for more information on it.

    Thanks so much for commenting and following back!!! : )

  12. Hey, Lu!

    Thanks for the comment and the follow!! I'll be hopping on over to check out your blog!!

    You have a nice weekend, too!! : )

  13. Oh, and Jackie, you're more than welcome to snag that wreath! : )

  14. Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate how you keep track of your new followers. I admire that and why didn't I think of that !?? btw, I saved the wreath in my christmas folder :)

  15. New follower hopping through, just wanted to stop by and tell you I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that I love your fantastic blog. It's so much fun to read. :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung
    Follow Friday!

  16. You're very welcome, Jackie! Hope you decide to put it on your blog! : )

  17. Hey, Suz!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday, too!! Thanks for the compliment about my blog!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!!!

    Thank you so much for the follow, as well!!!! I'm hopping on over to your blog!! : )

  18. Aww, thank you for the shout out about LoaW. It's been great to get to know you through your visits over at LoaW and also your blog here. I know I don't leave comments very often, but I do stop by and love reading your posts!

    Haha, one new years resolution I'm thinking about making is to be more frequent in visiting my friends blogs. We shall see how that one goes! :-P

  19. You're very welcome, Katie! And don't worry about the commenting, since I happen to have the very same problem! Lol. I think I should make the same New Year's resolution you're making!!

    I know how busy a lot of bloggers are, and there's not always enough time to comment. I appreciate your reading my posts!

    I'd like to thank you for being such a special friend, with a TERRIFIC blog that always lifts my spirits!!! And thanks for today's visit and comment!!! : )

  20. Thank you for following my blog :) I love your blog! I will def be back to check it out as soon as I finish responding to my Follow Fridays :)
    I can't wait to Christmas-fy my blog. I am going to make my blog snow. I am excited. I love Christmas. It's so beautiful!
    I'll be back later..Thanks again!

  21. You're very welcome for the follow, Fran! (Books & Beyond) And thanks for complimenting my blog!! So happy you like it!!

    Oh, I love it when there's snow on a blog!! Tha's so cool. I'll go by again and check it out. I love Christmas, too!! It's not only beautiful, but also the happiest time of the year! In spite of all the holiday bustle, people are a lot nicer at Christmastime.

    Thanks again for the lovely comment! I'm looking forward to your future visits, and I will of course be visiting your blog as well! : )


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