Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday #10: David, by Mary Hoffman

This is a weekly book meme, hosted by
which features future releases that we book bloggers
are eagerly anticipating!

My pick for this week is David,
by Mary Hoffman.

Hardcover, 304 pages
Published by Bloomsbury USA
Expected Release Date:
October 11, 2011
Genre: Art, Historical Fiction

From the Goodreads Synopsis

Michelangelo’s statue of David is famous around the world. Millions flock to Italy every year to admire the physical perfection of the young man captured within the marble. But the identity of the model has never been known . . . until now. In this epic tale, acclaimed author Mary Hoffman imagines the story of Gabriele, a naïve but incredibly handsome young man who is hired as Michelangelo’s model, only to find himself drawn into a world of spies, political treachery, and murder. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Florence in its most turbulent times, this is a rich, colorful and thrilling tale that gives life to one of the world’s greatest masterpieces.

As a former art major,
I can really appreciate a book like this!
Besides, Michelangelo is not only my very favorite artist,
but I also believe he was the greatest
one of all time!
No one else even comes close,
in the sheer grandeur of hs work!

I consider the statue of 'David'
one of this artist's greatest masterpieces,
right along with the 'Pieta'.

Of course, in painting, his greatest masterpiece
is the Sistine chapel ceiling.

Michelangelo provides any art student with
an inexhaustible treasure trove
of great compositions, whether in two or
three-dimensional form.
Studying his works is an undeniable pleasure
that also creates a sense of awe in the student!

I can't wait to get my hands on this book!
I'm looking forward to getting one writer's take on
who the model for this statue might have been.
I'm also looking forward to some
very astute art criticism,
as well as to a plot full of intrigue!

Besides, I think the cover is gorgeous!!

In short, this book is an all-around winner!

So what books are you all waiting on this Wednesday?


  1. Oh wow! That sounds really good! I'll definitely add it to my list!

    My WoW: http://astorytolove.blogspot.com/2011/07/waiting-on-wednesday-unbecoming-of-mara.html

  2. This book sounds incredible! I'm not familiar with the author but I'm adding it to my wish list!

  3. Aliya & Brie:

    Yes, this book does sound terrific, doesn't it? I just found out about it myself, and can't wait to read it!!

    Thanks to you both for commenting! : )

  4. As a bit of an art major and a big fan of Michelangelo myself, I love that this book features the statue of David. This is definitely going on my tbr list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi, Linda!

    Yes, Michelangelo was incredible! For me, no other artist can possibly compare...he was just such a TOWERING genius!! And the statue of David is soooo beautiful!!

    You're very welcome for the sharing! And thanks to you for the comment and the follow!! : )


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