Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And the winner is...ME!!!!!

Lisa Bergren

Last night I received an email
from Katy, at Legacy of A Writer,
informing me that I had won this beautiful book!!!!

I am so excited and happy!!!!

The giveaway was posted on March 8th,
and included an interview with the author,
Lisa Bergren.
I found out about this through a new
blog I've discovered -- Christian Book Giveaways.
(Please see the button in the sidebar.)

I loved the interview with Lisa, and immediately
became a follower of Katy's blog,
after which I entered the giveaway.

The giveaway/interview page is HERE.

The winner was announced on this page.

I had not heard of this author before,
so it was the book's cover
that first caught -- and held -- my attention.
Then I read the interview,
and found my interest piqued by
Bergren's description of the sources of her inspiration,
and what she hopes to accomplish in
this new River of Time series, the first book of which is

The next step was to find out more about the story.
When I did, I was immediately hooked!
This is a young adult, time-travel fantasy,
which is something that's definitely right up my alley!

The story is about two twin sisters, Gabi and Lia Bentarrini.
They spend every summer in Italy,
along with their parents,
who are well-known Etruscan scholars.
One hot, dusty, afternoon, at an archaeological site,
Gabi happens to place her hand
right on top of a handprint carved into an ancient tomb...
Suddenly, she finds herself in 14th-century Italy,
landing smack in the middle of a battle
between two rival families, the Castello Forelli
and the Paratore.
(Mama mia, those wonderful Italian names!)
Of course, there is a "knight in shining armor" involved....
His name is Marcello Forelli, and he takes Gabi back to his
father's castle.

Lia, who had also put her hand over a handprint,
has somehow become separated from her sister,
although she, too, ends up in medieval Italy.
It later turns out that she is being held by 
the cruel Lord Paratore.

Sounds just wonderful to me!   
This novel is also classified as
a Christian fantasy/romance, 
so this means
I'm in for a great,clean, fun read! 

Naturally, I will be getting the rest of the books
in this series!
The Amazon reviews are unanimously enthusiastic,
and I just can't wait for the book to arrive
so I can start getting swept away...
Of course, I do plan to finish Halo first!
(I'm really enjoying that book, by the way.)

For more information regarding Lisa and her books,
visit her website:

For more information specifically about Waterfall,
visit the Amazon page,



  1. Great review! Lisa wrote one of my all-time favorite children's books, God Found Us You. I haven't read any of her novels though. I'm looking forward to reading this. Thank you.

  2. Actually, I haven't read this book yet; I'm waiting to get it in the mail, since I just won it in a blog giveaway.

    I will certainly be investigating other Bergren novels! She sounds wonderful!!

    You're very welcome! And thank YOU for the visit and the comment!! : )

  3. Congratulations on your win! :)

  4. Thanks for the visit and the congrats, Nikki! Hope you keep coming back!! : )

  5. Hi, Maria! I just discovered your blog via another and how fun to see WATERFALL spotlighted! So glad this copy went to such an enthusiastic winner! Eager to hear what you think...

  6. Hi, Lisa! Yes, I'll be getting to your book just as soon as I've finished and reviewed my current read, "Angelfire".

    I received "Waterfall" a couple of days ago, and have already laminated it! Thank you so much for autographing it!

    I know I'll be giving this book a very positive review -- all the comments I've read about it point to a GREAT reading experience!!

    Thanks for the visit and the comment!! :)


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