Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Poem: "Night Yearning"

He is a vampire, condemned by his very nature to hunt for blood. His adoptive father has taught him reverence for human life, but he rebels for a while...He longs for love, and doesn't know if he will ever find it. He also despairs of having a soul. Eventually,he will adopt his father's philosophy as his own.

His name is Edward Cullen. He has not yet met Bella Swan.

Disclaimer: This poem was written in response to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, and is meant as a tribute to her character, Edward Cullen. No copyright infringement is intended.

soundlessly he searches dark alleys
where love’s refuse lies in broken heaps
softly treading, gently feeling
corners of lost memories

his soul is wounded by a love not found
eternity looms as damned tomorrows
as he gropes for light’s enchanted balm,
its soothing splendors,
in empty meadows ringed by crooked, misty sentinels

rain falls, storm clouds swoop as he hunts his prey,
yearning for something he cannot have
he slinks unnoticed in human shadows,
lurking in strangers' thoughts,
looking for one he longs to find
alone in boundless measures of treasured time

his soul is wounded by a love not found
twisting his life into paths unwanted,
dreams unwilled.
his yearning becomes one slow torture of

and yet…
he waits, knowing that love will touch the soft flowering
of slumbering, inner passions.

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